So the jig is up?


It’s bit like on this side of the ocean: Here, our so called conservatives have used the right-wing-real-world-serious-sensed-respectfull-patriarchal speech to hijack the democratic system and quickly dismantle, irreversibly, the last dams that would prevent globalized marketization to slam the remains of what was, a few years ago, still a nation, France.

They made it such a way that with rising debt and divesting of elected representatives by the untouchable and antidemocratic EU commission, we can just hope for the less… of the worse.

But that’s not the point.

Indeed, what are Democrats going to do now?

I don’t think they even want to do that, after all, business is business, but let’s dream a little. They can prosecute Bush & Co. as much as they want, investigate and reveal the truth on 911, find an honorable way to withdraw from Irak, Afghanistan, rehabilitate public health and education, invest in green industries and lead the world for a new round of sustainable development…

The Republicans made it anyway!

By putting into so much debt the US Nation towards the financial markets and the military lobbies, by devastating the world with hatred and exhilarated power strikes, the Bush administration plundering system has irreversibly disseminated the ill seeds (GMO, of course) worldwide to make the US, and most western countries, ongoing targets of thirsted for revenge and desperate human bombs…

Not only the financial markets own the US nation (land, production and resources), with a full control on the next generations’ wealth production through the Nation’s debt and breathless consumerism, but the military industries, the PMCs and homeland security officials will forever have good reasons to rise military and security spending as, at least, half of the human beings on this planet would be now glad to see the US and western countries being devastated by bombings, terror attacks, and plague.


Thank you so much guys for making sure that the future of our children will be a nightmare.