Against… Who?

Objet :         Rép : petition against the war

Date :         7 mars 2003 11:28:17 HNEC

Though I am a “fiercely” opposed to war -or any form of violence- I’m not quite sure that standing against Bush is the good idea for the future of human kind. I abhor Bush and I believe he is one of the worst man -even “evil” in his own terms- that has been in charge at the White House. …

My emotions and beliefs have been strongly challenged and finally betrayed, once again, during last presidential elections in France. Though I knew Chirac was not the right man, he got elected including my voice because we all got betrayed, and he knew it right from the start.

Bush and Saddam both know what the story is going to be, and I find it hard to add my voice and will to those of these leaders who actually made Saddam. France and Germany sold weapons, and all the technical tools and training required to develop and process nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Even the US sold and trained him weapons. If only Saddam was the only one they made… There are many things people in western countries don’t know about who’s doing what, and I’d be putting my family’s life at risk by talking about it.

_ Right now, the “game” Bush is talking about is anything but what we all hear about. Standing against Bush and His war is as bad as supporting Russia’s, China’s, France’s, Germany’s and other leaders…

Remember Algeria, Indochina, Chechnya, Bosnia, Afghanistan… And the list goes on. Who cares about Palestine and Chechnya ? French, or german people ? They could not care less! One single child dying in Palestine’s occupied territory should be enough to move those hundreds of thousands of petitioners to stand in front of Sharon… Do they ? Hundreds of children are dying in Palestine. Who’s standing? And what about the other children, all around the world?

When Bush’s “game” will be over, with, or without a war, we will all have a terrible hangover: everything will be the same.

Maybe I’ll join that list, maybe not. When I feel like doing so, I can’t help thinking about those who died mutilated and tortured in Saddam’s prisons, the children starving or dying because of the lack of medical care in Irak are watching us. So are the children in Chechnya, and Palestine, and Cameroon, and Ivory Coast, and Congo, and Tibet, and China, and Argentina, and etc… I have seen too much of this to ignore…

Living on this planet is a nightmare.